A Reflective Re|SOUL|ution: Why Pride is Misleading

We hear the word “pride” and automatically retreat into our subtle shells.  No one wants to be considered vain in our society.  But a short visit to Webster’s Dictionary shows that vanity is defined as:  an excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, and achievements. Note the keyword here is excessive

A healthy dose of each PRIDE quality listed is actually necessary to embody a fulfilled sense of self – as a woman, and as anybody.

Compare it to “rain” versus “flood”.  One is healthy nourishment; the other is detrimental excess.  The same goes with the amount of PRIDE we possess.  Without a healthy dose of rain or PRIDE, our zest for life is sure to wilt. 

A thought to think on: How do we react when we see babies admire their reflection?  We think it is cute!  We even encourage them to keep doing it; complimenting them on how “pretty” or “handsome” they are.  When does this display of self-admiration take such a harsh paradoxical turn?  When women are in a shared bathroom now, we hardly even glance at the mirror – OR if we are looking at the mirror, the second we hear a stall open or another woman approach, we are heads down and out of there.  Somewhere along the line, it became socially unacceptable to be “caught” admiring your appearance.  We even call any piece of furniture containing a mirror, a “vanity”.  My my, the irony of it all.

What we’ve seen more than ever in this day and age is the need for healthy female role models.  And part of that healthy algorithm is a healthy dose of PRIDE in one’s self. 

How do you embody and portray your PRIDE?

When was the last time you strutted your stuff confidentially? When did you last pay yourself a genuine compliment? And when was the last time you looked in the mirror and admired yourself?

Those are questions every woman should ask herself.  And it is my mission to capture the PRIDE within each of you.  Before even stepping in front of a lens, I want you to answer those very questions. 

It’s time to shift our stigma on PRIDE. 

PRIDE is rain to the soul.  It is appreciation for your very creation.  It’s a celebration of originality, life, YOU! 

How will you share your PRIDE today?