Bossbabes wanted!


Unleash your inner Bossbabe!

“The world needs that special gift that only you have”
-Marie Forleo

Hello Sunshine, It’s been a while! Fall is here and since it’s my absolute favorite season of the year, I’m feeling all inspired and jazzed up about life and what I do. I tell you, I still to this day can’t believe that I get to do what I love to do for a living; to capture photos and show people the strength and beauty that they can’t see in themselves. It’s pretty amazing.

Fall is the time of year when I feel full of energy and ready to take on the world.
Or maybe just updating my website and my mission statement.
New goals.


Here are some tips on how to work on your self belief so that you can show up as the very best version of yourself and kick some bossbabe booty~

1. Take control of your self confidence.
Say stop to your inner critic. Would you have any friends if you talked to them the way you talk to yourself?
Didn’t think so…. So go ahead and treat yourself as you would treat your very best friend. #bff

2. Chose Love over fear.
One of my favorite statements ever of the history of always. Any decision you will ever make, will ultimately boil down to these two feelings; Love or Fear. Yes, it is true. If you are doing something from a place of Love,
the outcome can only be epic. #chooselove

3. Activate your superpower.
We all have a superpower. Yes, you do and you are here to use that superpower so that you and the rest of us can benefit from it. Spread the Love in that very special way that only you can. #bossbabe

4. Eyes on the prize.
Connect with your Goals, Vision and Why’s every day. Eyes on the price baby. How could you ever get what you want if you don’t even know what it is? Knowledge is power and it will boost your self esteem and keep you on track. #aimtrue

5. Star stud you inner circle.
Who do you surround yourself with? You are your environment and you become the product of who you are close with. Find people that makes you feel amazing and inspiring. People who do what you want to do, who tells you they believe in you. #cheerleaders

I hope these little tips will enlighten and inspire you on your Bossbabe path 🙂

Whether you close deals in heals or barefoot in the sand, I invite you to unleash your inner Bossbabe infront of my camera~

Below are some images from some bitchin’ bossbabes that I have had the honor of photographing in the past few months.

Check out my website at and be inspired to Aim True!

With Grace & Gratitude
~Micaela Malmi~
760 846 6824


Malia Camerino with MC Style. Stylist and Fashionista extraordinere.


Shavon Lindley CEO of WomenEvolution


Katie Brauer. Entrepreneur, Truth Seeker and  Educator.


Amanda Kriebel, Doctor of Physical therapy, Yoga teacher, Writer and Healthy Life Designer.


Audrey Sarquilla, Owner of White Peacock Yoga, Gardener of Dreams and Fertilizer of Dreams.
Bali Yoga retreat Dec 2016.

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