Micaela 2.0 The result of a two year insane rollercoaster ride

I’m back!

It’s been a couple of wild years since I sat down and typed a few words here. And a hell of a lot has happened! I got engaged, my mom passed away,  I got married, pregnant and my dad had stroke. Wohaaaaa, pass me a napkin, I need a cocktail just after writing that sentence! So many ups and downs. Too many to count.

I am now a proud mom of my insanely amazing son Viggo, and after a full year of deep and dark postpartum (and severe sleep depression) I have finally reached the other side and evolved to Micaela Malmi Lowery 2.0

DSC04468 2

My son Viggo and I on a hike in beautiful Big Sky, MT

With renewed strength and plenty of creativity, I feel excited to step behind the camera and create again. Thus I have opened my schedule and am currently taking bookings 🙂 Fall is my favorite time of year to shoot outside as southern California gets blessed with AMAZING sunsets.


1. Your website feels outdated and frankly, you don’t really want to show it to anyone anymore.

2. Your head shot is 10+ years old.

3. Everyone is wearing white and khaki in the last family portrait.

4. You have gone trough a hell and back and you want to let the 2.0 version of yourself shine like solid gold baby!

5. Your dancers pose and warrior II would look pretty bitchin’ as a silhouette on the beach.

6. Your instagram feed feels messy and could need some cleaning up.

7. Your product shots taken by an IPhone simply doesn’t show their true potential.

8. You are wondering why you are still single and you are active on 3+ dating sites.

If any of these statements speak to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll set you up  for a good time. Infront of my camera.

Check out my website at http://www.micaelamalmi.com or my Instagram at @micaelamalmi_photography for inspiration.

With Grace & Gratitude
~Micaela Malmi Lowery 2.0~
760 846 6824


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