This Swedish born and raised vagabond was set on becoming an actress and dancer, but after a trip to Mexico where she got to borrow a 35mm Canon camera, everything changed. The magic of being behind the lens was overpowering and she never looked back.

Micaela has worked as a professional photographer since 2003, traveling the world with her now digital lenses. She finds herself incredibly fortunate to be a photographer for a living and loves to capture lifestyle images, portraits, movement and events as well as work with commercial clients.

Based in San Diego, CA (with a piece of her heart always belonging to her hometown in Stockholm, Sweden) she works both domestically and internationally.

Clients include; Lululemon, Total Woman Gym+SPA, Rais CaseStelari, Tiny Devotions, NuttZoLemongrass AVEDA salon & SPAToe Sox, Yoga Six, Old Gringo Boots and Nectarine Grove. Her images are featured in Forbesthe Body Book by Cameron Diaz, the Inertia and People Magazine.

If she’s not behind the camera or computer editing, you’ll find her on the yoga mat, frolicking in nature or grooving on the dance floor~


| Contact information | info@micaelamalmi.com | 760 846 6824 |


Micaela Malmi

Micaela Malmi


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  1. I love this new venture Micaela! You are magic! xo

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