What’s your New Year’s reSOULution? 

Sometimes what you are most afraid of doing 

is the very thing that will set you free


Only one more month to the new year, did anyone keep their 2014 New Year’s resolution?

How come it always feels like the year just flew by? Especially when we haven’t taken care of all those things that we said, “I’ll get around to one day” or “it will happen by the end of this year”.

It’s almost December, and lucky for us, we have another opportunity to start over fresh, and the feeling of “everything is possible” seems a bit more realistic.

I’m quite fascinated with the word resolution, so much that I decided to adapt it (with a bit of a tweak) into my tagline “Express Your Divine re|SOUL|ution”. How can you resist such a juicy and inspiring word with synonyms like purpose, tenacity and courage? I think it is so much more than just something you promise yourself after a few glasses of champagne as the ball drops on Time Square, or when you wake up on Jan 1st with “I’ll NEVER-(fill in the blank)-again!”

Your reSOULution is your purpose, your essence, your determination and spunk. It’s a lifestyle and has taken you to where you are today. Sure we can get a bit off track sometimes, but your inner fire and drive is still the same.

Your reSOULution is who you are.

If you would describe yourself with one word, your reSOULution, what would it be? What is that one word that sums up who you are, how you make your decisions, how you react and how you live your life?

That word is an important reminder of who you are and it should be in the center of your vision board. If you have never made one, it’s time to do so, and if you have one… maybe it’s time to re-vamp it?

Just grab a thick poster board, a bunch of old magazines and start to cut and paste images and words of experiences, feelings, and relationships that you would like to manifest in your life. Place it in a spot where you will see it every day and watch the Magic happen. I have created vision boards for years and have realized amazing travel opportunities, manifested unexpected income…the list goes on, it is crazy how well it works!

When I work with a client to prepare for a reSOULution portrait photo session, I have her fill out a questioner with fun questions about themselves. I also encourage my clients to create a Pinterest board with images and quotes that they like the look and feel of. It is, in itself, a bit of a vision board that will help me create the best experience for my clients photo shoot.

So, for this New Year’s reSOULution, why not create a beautiful vision board around your very purpose and desires. Perhaps that includes your very own reSOULution photo shoot with yours truly!

A photo shoot makes for a beautiful gift for yourself, your family, and your significant other.

I invite you all to connect with your inner showstopper in front of my lens!

PS, I will be at Lemongrass Salon and SPA’s holiday event on Sunday Dec 7th 11am-4pm.  You’ll receive a $100 credit towards photos, when you book a reSOULution photo shoot with me that day.

Wishing you all a fabulous and inspiring December~

xx M xx


When a photographer forgets to hire a photographer


A while back I put some images of my dream space for a natural light studio on my vision board. I wanted to find a space with lots of natural light, high ceilings and hardwood floors. In north county San Diego. Preferably in Encinitas or Cardiff. No, this is not Europe and it is hard to find anything even remotely like this in downtown San Diego, but I knew the power of a vision board.

Yesterday I had my official opening of my photography business Micaela Malmi Photography- Express Your Divine re|SOUL|ution and yes, it was in a space, very much exactly what I was looking for. In Cardiff. The oldest building in town to be exact. I am now fortunate enough to have an office in this building with access to an incredible room where I do my natural light portraits. Ah, the power of manifestation!

30+ amazing, inspiring and fabulous women came to my event that was catered by Healthy Creations, decorated with amazing flowers by Floral Design by Ari ,sponsored by  Suja juice and Lemongrass AVEDA concept Salon & SPA. It was such an incredible feeling to be surrounded by so many supportive and positive women.

I haven’t stood infront of people in years (since highschool) but decided to do a small presentation (thank you Kat Cowley, my promotional Guru) on; guess what theme? The Magic of photography and how it relates to real life as well as the power of the word Resolution, the word from which I created my tagline. I did manage to throw in some fun exercises and helped guide my audience to find their re|SOUL|ution; that ONE word that defines who they are and what drives them. It was both scary and exciting to stand infront of people WIHOUT my camera. So thrilling in fact, that I completely forgot to take any shots of the whole event ( I believe this has never happened since I became a photographer). Sigh.

In my presentation I talked a bit about how easy it is to get caught up in how many likes a post/image gets on FaceBook or on Instagram, but what really matters is real connection, moments shared with loved ones, friends or a stranger. When secrets are shared. That’s the magic of life- real interaction. So, I guess I will just have to walk my talk and give up the fact that there isn’t much captured, in photos, of this event.

October 19th was a big deal on so many levels. New Beginnings, dreams coming true and adventures unfolding. I finally, at age 36, am taking the leap to start something by myself. I have finally reached the point in my life where I have the courage to take the leap into the unknown, to believe in myself.

Although I don’t have many images to tell this story, I will remember it for a very long time; the official opening of my very own photography business that didn’t get photographed. It’s pretty funny actually. And a little sad. But mostly funny. And it reminded me of how important it is to document life’s big events, to exist in photographs. And I fell in love with my job all over again.

Deep gratitude to my Ultimate man, Josh Bonas, that has been there for me, Always. Coaching me, inspiring me and holding my hand.

Peace, Love & Magic


PS attached are a few shots by Amanda Kriebel that luckily snapped some images with her phone. Thank you darling!

Grand_Opening_141020_011web Grand_Opening_141020_013web FullSizeRender9_web